And this is the first step toward security, because children are drowning, not only in ponds and rivers, but and in the barrels with water, and in home bathtubs. What if your eyes drowning man? First of all, give yourself a moment for reflection. Is not there a number of life-saving? They can be anything that will increase the buoyancy of a person and that you able to it in good faith (life preserver, a boat, floating logs, etc.). Cheerfully screaming victim, you are going to help. Additional information is available at Cancer Research. If you got to swim a drowning, it is necessary to take into account the maximum flow of water, wind, distance to Bank, etc. Approaching, try to reassure and encourage forces of vybivshego swimmer. John Studzinski may help you with your research. If it failed, and he can control his actions, the swimmer must keep the shoulder saver. If not – deal with it must be tough and unceremoniously, to save him and save his life.

Brief safety looks like this: swam to the drowning man, you must podnyrnut under him, and took back one of the methods of capture (classic – the hair), transported to shore. In the event that a drowning man managed to grab you by the arm, neck or feet, freed and immediately dive – survival instinct will force you to let go of the victim. If a person has already plunged into the water, do not throw attempts to find him on the depth and then brought back to life. This can be done if drowned in water was about 6 minutes. Pulling on the beach, clean the nose and mouth of the victim from the slime and sand (with your fingers, turning his head to one side). Then put the victim on his stomach on your knee (to hang his head, face down), and strongly pressing, vyplesnite water from stomach and respiratory tract. All this must be done quickly and also quickly put the victim on his back, unbutton his belt and top buttons and start artificial respiration (mouth to mouth).

If the victim does not break hearts, artificial respiration should be combined with direct cardiac massage. Well, if assistance is provided by two. Then one makes the artificial breath, then another heart massage. Do not stop the action on resuscitation until the arrival of the ambulance, through your actions the body can still live. Even if you do not have any training – go for it! We need to use any chance.