Human rights in Syria, the ticket processes, location of the Christians, that corrupt security apparatus of Syrian human rights activist Anwar al-Buni, or other opposition, condemned as Kamal Albuani, Mamun Al Humsi be with farcical trials of to long prison. Others were like Michele kilo and Mahmud Isa, due to weakening of national consciousness\”condemns. Other opposition officials or freethinkers like Ms. Fada Al Hurani and Usama Edward who were arbitrarily arrested. Some are released, others will remain, and share the fate of many Lebanese political prisoners. Al-Buni, who drew people to States in Syrian prisons and the systematic torture, as well as on the human rights situation, which were made not so popular with the security apparatus and the Government. He worked for his human rights activities with foreign organisations, what doomed him. Now, these States, as well as the human rights situation in Syria are certainly many not foreign, but few in the country can so openly about it speak.

Just such people as the above peaceful opposition, which draw on such States and to constructively criticize, must be commended. The courts would have to rely on their information, but we’re talking about two different worlds. Because instead such people are persecuted, arrested and possibly tortured. Some of which last year Assyrian Christians/Suryoye in Derik, arbitrarily arrested in the Syrian Jezireh were cruelly tortured also by local security officials. The corrupt torturers, as well as the responsible Superintendent of city legal negotiations ceased however. Where are there the Democratic goals that put the regime? I wonder whether the Government actually also mean it with the slogans or the reforms however? Already, the failed attempt to make democratic elections, was proof of the impotence or even of hypocrisy. I ask myself the question whether the Government is really willing, the Christians, the mostly the original inhabitants of the country in the country form, protect and keep the country as a distinct national group wants.