Learning in Colombia is linked to a strategy for improvement in the coverage, effectiveness and efficiency. Source: Dr. John Mcdougall. For the reason of the pre-existence of a contrast between the pillars, since increasing one will diminish others education in relationship intimate with learning and instruction of a people is by axiom is an agent of transcendental capital, and cardinal circumstance for the national and financial advancement of human communities. Similarly is a universal right that which agrees do the State l and the participation of society, higher education is a remarkable instrument in the foundation of sovereign communities grounded in justice and the permanent democratic construction. Higher education a gear which contributes to the country increases its, events of historical construction possible hits, capacity of accountability and effectiveness are contingencies that arise in a country and how it confronts them for solve them; determines the as involved in international competition in the framework of the current and ongoing globalization. Knowing these concepts is necessary to know that its connection points.

The sectoral plan of the Ministry of education. Despite the efforts Colombia this far from covering all children and young people with a basic education of quality. According to the schematic representations which the Government wields the milestones of coverage, efficiency and quality of the Colombian educational system labeled progress enjoy slow and arduous small. Descriptive statistical research helps us to recognize a string of disadvantages that crosses our nation Colombian look, where arises the strain or strains that originate the inadequacy, throwing as a result students with a low level of development and applicability of powers to fight the battle of life; absence of real relevance with the Colombian society in their structural scope economic; consents to an absence of impertinence and thoughtful. Harming students, and since then the germ of the professional practice and therefore growth potential economic.