Despite the fact that water that comes into our house, cleaned very seriously, as well as disinfected, it does not give an absolute security. No wonder the off-season when possible penetration of pathogenic bacteria in the water with melting water, the media warned of the need to boil water, offer to buy in the stores purified water. Needless to say, that the organoleptic properties of tap water until the leaves desired. Amazing Properties of Ozone Ozone water purifier that produces ozone generator, chlorine oxidizes and promotes the synthesis of other toxic compounds. The very same ozone, although "live" a very short time, "Transformed" into oxygen, so obviously can not be harmful to the human body. These properties, it was used when creating a household appliance – ozone generator water purifier. The benefit of it is large enough.

Enumerate: Ozonator water home safely disinfects water, improves its organoleptic characteristics – taste, smell, clarity, those metal compounds are dissolved in water (and not always helpful), ozonator water purifier translates into insoluble form, as a result, the salt precipitate. There are other contaminants that can strike at our health – it "traces" of chemical plants – phenols, cyanides and other organic connection. Ozonator water everyday helps remove them and breaks them down into harmless to humans and animals substances – carbon dioxide, for example. The result is a clean, blue water, which acquires the properties water from a natural source. I think that the ozonator consumer to buy at least so it's worth.

While we were talking only about the chemicals. It is worth a closer look at how the ozone generator water at home pathogenic bacteria in water from municipal water supply. No E. coli! Ozone water purifier that produces ozone generator, destroying cell membranes and forms with elements of the cells under compound called peroxides. They quickly decay, and ozone penetrates cells and oxidizes its vital organs. The result – the cell dies. Is what happens when the ozone, which is "developed" ozonator water everyday, "Occurs" with a dangerous bacterium like E. coli, the epidemic of dysentery. What are the advantages of this method over conventional disinfection – using chlorination? The first – a global – Water purifier ozonator "fights" for the purity in terms of bacteriological (kills bacteria). Improves its terms of physical (increased transparency) and organoleptic (turns tap water into "Spring"). Water as a result significantly improves the quality, it is acceptable for drinking, gets a pleasant taste, and ozonation (as opposed to chlorine) does not add additional water to the materials and components. Serving water in eating can after 5-10 minutes after it was working ozonizer water everyday, and the properties of the "new," purified water stored in two days. True, it would be better if the water after ozonation subjected to filtering, then you can get rid of impurities. For processing, you can use an enamel, wood, glass, plastic utensils. The main thing is to cover an integer, with no cracks. But the metal, especially copper and aluminum, for ozone can be used. Treated water can water the plants, wash it in food, to cook her food, and drink it for health! By the way, taking baths with water, treated ozonator water purifier, removes toxins from the body, help relieve headaches, makes you feel good for nervous disorders and skin diseases.