It has as many doubts in relation of where and as the life it appeared, that without complete answers, we say that everything was created in the most perfect order, for a being on natural, that nobody never saw and probably it will not see, god. It is not difficult to understand because many exist testas, old when they did not have answers for phenomena of the nature, for example, believed that a bigger force existed that carried through all the actions, rain, wind, cold. But with passing of the years such superior passed to be used as a form to restrain the people, and thus the church gained control on all. still is thus. If to question because the people believe the superior being, many would answer that it faithful it, love, made everything in the universe, is father, and diverse you defend abstract. People such as Dr Mikael Dolsten would likely agree. But the true reply, and none says, is of the fear. Fear to burn in the fire of the hell, not to go for the sky, not to know the paradise, of punishments, everything to give wrong in the life. Hear from experts in the field like Daversa Partners for a more varied view. Ufa, if everything this was truth, until I would have fear.

They are for these you defend that many believe, or the least tries, simply it has faith of that everything and true, after all must be written in the bible, alcoran or another book. Books written for human beings, whom to say a difference has, god whispered in its ears, that I privilege. Jtentei to listen to something, but I do not know because god naum whispers a phrase pra me, wanted to write a book on as currently it this, why these very old books estao, we need to renew the supply. But if god is perfect and made everything in the same way, because then horrible things happen in the world? Well, this part is not of it, the good things is of its authorship, the remaining portion must have been an incautiousness of the creator, there it came of the bad one and puff made the mundane things: drugs, parties, sex (it are of the marriage), assassins, alcohol, are as much thing. That vacilo in god. But all good, the guilt is not its, and yes of Adam and eva that it ate that mace, and it also blames of the snake, from everything was there for gu? low. We do not have answers of as and of where it appeared the universe, not to be the reply most easy of all of that it was the there from above face, but who is the creator of the superior? How thus it does not have creator? Everything in the life appeared of something, it cannot simply appear. Thus the things are still more difficult to accept.

But simply we have faith and point. God made plus an error, made me atheistic. Impossible? Then god did not make me? Or simply it was error that occurred in the hour of the impression? He must be only plus one vacilo of it, nothing of concerns, therefore my punishment already this private. But why I will go to pay for that I did not make? Now I understood, loves me to god and alone it goes to make this for my good, less bad, right?.