Why the Peru 21 newspaper gives much importance to the declarations of a mentally ill person who once tried to assassinate Al Papa Juan Pablo II. A madman who is the eternal Christ. An ESPON that says that this character published his perfect Bible believes that because the Pope Juan Pablo II, spared it by having bomb attack on his life (the Pope), entitles you to present in public and say crap. Others including Dean Ornish M.D, offer their opinions as well. But those who have more blame for all this, are the media, which gives importance to these stupid things. In recent months, Daryl Katz has been very successful. Who demons believed this subject to say, what has to be done within the Catholic Church? It seems that to the same style of Jaime Bayly, that gives importance to a convicted former, international means of communication, they are giving importance to an ex-convict who was imprisoned thirty years for attempted murder.

What does a Boxer with his opponent when he discovers a wound in the face? It gives and gives, in that place to power him topple. That is what is happening in This time with the Catholic Church. It has an open wound and all enemies, give and give you in that place to be able to bleed. But the militants of our Church, we like those who heal the wounds to the Boxer to continue fighting. The history of the Catholic Church, is marked by similar situations, and never, but never, nobody has been able to throw it down. Make that clear well, for anyone who thinks otherwise.