In 1950 was something completely new. L. Ron Hubbard a researchers and curious traveler, had extensively traveled to the far East and studied. > by clicking through. He was trained in the Western natural sciences and became interested in the religions in the far East. It is his knowledge and research, that he in 1950 broke through barriers of Unwissenheiten, who had held up the progress of the people in the arts and humanities. 1950 the attention focused on his magnum opus: Dianetics the Guide to the human mind “, sold over 20 million copies.

Here first workable solutions for the problems people are facing were created and written down. es. There for the first time concrete hope that wars, crimes, irrationality could be fixed. Moreover the Dianetics provided a complete, systematic procedure then, as now, to improve self and his fellow men. In 1955 by enthusiastic readers Scientology “founded, whose founder L. Ron Hubbard was. Scientology means knowing how to know”and is an applied religion, providing workable solutions for all people. Scientology deals not only with this life, but with all life. Similar to the incarnation and rebirth in Buddhism.

Predictable improvements in each area can be achieved with practical methods. Scientology has evidence to confirm the existence of the spiritual nature of man. There are thousands of written research hours and results were achieved by millions of people. In Scientology, the man is not simply a body filled with chemicals that work through chemical reactions or by certain stimuli. Scientology considers every person as a spiritual being, with innate abilities that can be improved at any time. Deterioration in his behavior only occurs when he himself denies his spiritual nature and ceases to live according to moral values. In Scientology is every human being as intellectual Being seen. So she followed the traditional approach of man and his relationship to the universe. Scientology is so unique because she has practical means to solve their own physical and mental problems people actually using them. Such as drug abuse, education and marriage problems, drop in performance at school or in the business, failures, etc., there are solutions that create no further problems to many difficulties. With the help of the works of L. Ron Hubbard, the contexts can be well understood and are applied for the benefit of any person concerned. Basic principles and methods help people to cope better in interpersonal relationships, to be more successful at work, to improve their family life and effectively to help their friends, families and acquaintances, to do the same. It is not necessary to change his own beliefs or convictions. Scientology is interdenominational and requires, that he his faith or have to give up his religion. He can apply what he himself has observed, and do good. “Irving Sarnoff, President of the Association of friends of the United Nations” once said: the most important achievement that I L. Ron Hubbard would write to, is the fact that the individual can learn now to live a better life and to make its contribution, to bring the Earth in a much better shape. ” Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V.