Autism is a qualitative disorder related to alterations of the communication and language and a lack of mental flexibility and the behavior, that a degree of mental retardation can be joined. With regard to Mental retardation, is related to a general intellectual functioning below average, and that is associated with deficiencies in adaptive behavior. It is the result of how it works with their capabilities, more or less limited, in various contexts of everyday life. Cancer cells has plenty of information regarding this issue. Criteria assessment of educational needs is obvious that the case students need a curricular adaptation due to their special educational needs, it does not mean that they should be excluded from the educational curricular proposal general, but that this must be the most appropriate taking into account their particular characteristics. Requires the establishment of procedures and evaluation criteria for determining their needs and, thus, to be able to give proper guidance to teachers with reference to the most suitable educational response for both. The purpose is therefore to identify these special needs to adjust the different components of the educational response.

In both cases, it will be necessary to perform a job with a multidisciplinary approach, which ensures that he is obtained relevant information from the elements present in the teaching-learning process. This contribution should help to identify the educational needs and be base for the proposed curriculum, personal services, which supports materials, preparation of teachers should ensure the participation of all actors involved in the educational process of children (school, family, social environment, professionals of health speech therapist, physiotherapist, social worker, psychotherapist, etc.-). The evaluation criteria should take into account the variables of the: student, school context and institutional, family context and Social. STUDENT know the particular conditions of the student which may affect the development process, delimiting with clearly their dysfunctional areas, and not based only on global evaluations: medical history, degree of development attained level cognitive, motor, affective, or personal balance of interpersonal relationship, of social inclusion.