It puts the cards against you, does not let you see what is front, for fear one matapor fear of losing one makes anything, and never ends up being good. This fear of able to stoke some flames, perotermina off most of which aviva. Fear also makes that things are lost, not risking one tends to stay with the doubt, not knowing that it would have happened if one dared.They are things with which one has to cope in this whole question, one is responsible for his actions, we must accept each oneof its consequences, the attempt, failure, not to risk it, all. Hear from experts in the field like Newcastle University for a more varied view. Things do not always go wrong, one has to aprendery continue charting your path, overcoming obstacles, without looking back. It is good to give the best one though when they betray your trust, you do not confias in any very easily, so no tedejes trick, nor dominated by enemies, there are many, many factors that create adversity in love and life, but nuncatenes that change your way of thinking, if it is you have principles, if yourself don’t let others tell you want quiensos, because if you sometimes dudas of your own being, of whom you’re, who can become, a person that makes you feel knows, cannot you say until you where Max, do, limits they are to break BE WATER, MY FRIEND, as you would say bruce lee, adapt, a situation the mold to your possibilities, if you want to love, do it, but don’t doubt your abilities, nobody is born knowing, everything you learn in life. (and what is not learned conceals haha not! lie don’t be mask!) Original author and source of the article..