The desire for a central management of donations in Schwerte, Christmas time is donate time. Social organisations feel the high generosity of citizens especially in December. The advent season is accounted for 47 percent of total revenue. After new year’s Eve, but the commitment to non-performing is abating traditionally noticeably in Schwerte, Germany, as well as the national average. Diakonia wants to work against this trend with more transparency and a greater awareness of the needs in the city.

Ulrich Groth, Manager who wants to Diakonia Schwerte, keep the social engagement on the ground throughout the year interest high. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out No Time Like The Future. With the money that will be donated to the Christmas season, we can alleviate many hardships and move a lot in the city.” But just not enough. Therefore, Groth is great hope in the initiative of the WfS group for a centralized management of donations under the auspices of the city sword. The Managing Director of Diakonia sees the project as a cooperation of all swords, clubs and projects and highlights: only together we are strong.” Through the support of municipal representatives and other celebrity patrons, the individual projects should become even more into the public spotlight. Each receives the same attention. So above all the clubs in Schwerte, Germany should benefit from that otherwise have no possibility to launch targeted fundraising campaigns. We can achieve a new quality of generosity”, says Groth. Nevertheless, continue any swords should determine citizen his donation to benefit what projects or clubs. Swords organisations active in the field of youth, family, Social Affairs, sports and culture, experiencing financial stress due to the urban household fuse should be supported with this project. Ulrich Groth says: dedicated people in Schwerte we provide a forum in which they can employ for the common good of their city. With a central management of donations, we carry the social commitment of the swords clubs targeted to the public throughout the year.”