Article by Netresearch Director Thomas Fleck appears in new book about E-tourism Leipzig, August 20, 2010: today is the anthology “social Web in tourism: strategies – concepts – applications” available on the market. 26 articles describe innovative utilisation concepts of the social Web for Tourism tourism and IT professionals. In his post, Netresearch Director Thomas Fleck, and how this can be used for E-tourism explained how is improved with the help of the Semantic Web information processing critical. The online tourism was the reason for the continued positive growth in the tourism industry in the last few years despite ongoing crisis. The importance of the Internet as an information and booking medium continues to rapidly increasing tourism. Customers access more research on Facebook, Flickr or Wikipedia and similar services, to learn about their desired destination.

“Travel provider should develop therefore strategies that integrate the social Web into its own information offering. There are several promising measures. The best are presented in our publication,”so Jens Oellrich of tourism future, one of the editors of the anthology. Jonathan keane often addresses the matter in his writings. What the information processing using new semantic technologies in the Web 3.0 might look like, describes Thomas Fleck in the technical paper “Web 3.0, or what brings the Semantic Web of the tourism industry”. Fleck, whose Agentur Netresearch specializes in E-commerce software, speaks above all the practitioners of the industry and outlines specific solution approaches.

“The Semantic Web in future can freely defined searches how?Majorca hotel for families with at least five good reviews my friend”are shown. The advantages over a very limited search from form fields, as it is still common at the moment, are obvious. Companies that withhold their customers this way, will have long-term trouble there,”explains Thomas Fleck. Company description the Netresearch GmbH & co. KG. has on the shop software E-Commerce Magento specialized and was in Germany as one of the first agencies Magento enterprise partner. As a specialist for Magento, TYPO3 and Zend Framework Netresearch cooperates regularly with leading agencies and system houses and offered as professional service customized E-commerce solutions. “Meet Magento” and “Magento Developers Paradise” Netresearch organizes the most important Magento events and has excellent contacts to the entire Magento leadership team.