PROVEDAL-system window and door konstruktsuy System cold glass balconies Provedal – among the most common glazing systems in Russia, thanks to a simple and rapid assembly, both good resistance to environmental effects, complete with robust fittings – all these qualities distinguish the aluminum windows of the Spanish company profile PROVEDAL. Today. Features of the system structure PROVEDAL aluminum profile produced from PROVEDAL aluminum alloy. Different color paint .. In the aluminum windows of the profile can be installed as PROVEDAL single glass and glass thickness of 16 mm, but usually do not put glass, as the aluminum PROVEDAL profile is cool. The special design of aluminum sliding doors provides enhanced, thereby preventing the production of bearings. In one frame, aluminum window is possible to perform from 2 to 6 moving wings.

Perhaps a combination of deaf and hard-sliding window sections and glazing of loggias not only direct but also balconies and loggias of more complex structures. Aluminium profile PROVEDAL narrow enough that significantly increases the light aperture in comparison with a plastic window. Distinctive features of systems PROVEDAL durability; balconies, loggias and windows from aluminum does not require special care; aluminum profile Provedal resistant to corrosion and other environmental influences; Replacing the light aluminum window construction, easy repair aluminum windows Provedal; aluminum construction allows easy expand the space gazebo at the expense of removal; thin aluminum profile gives more light space; aluminum profile used for balcony glazing, withstands vibration temperatures ranging from -50 to +50 C; aluminum profile is greener over the life cycle; related mechanisms are made of stainless steel; greater opportunities for color scheme design; fittings, which serves as the opening and closing, reliable and durable. Equipment for the manufacture of structures made of PROVEDAL main equipment for the manufacture of sliding structures is a special matrix 9ma011 pneumatic press and compressing the matrix P2500 as well as manual press punch 9ma26, allowing the majority to do tenologicheskih holes, besides the matrix is already combined with the pressure-9ma011pn and includes operations hand press 9ma26, which is much cheaper than to buy separately the matrix and the press. Hinged design matrix is applied P400, pneumatic press or a press combined with a matrix, as well as punching hand Press 9ma25. Cutting profile is used as a cutting board normally saw, for example Yilmaz KY 300, to make the holes for the striker and the lock using a desktop copy router Yilmaz FR 222. This allows all of the equipment make sliding, raspshnye design and deaf section visit.