Tragedy! Due to the fact that the site no more birds, the site will meet to move at no hare Roasted!. Where have all the rabbits gone? Some argue that all cooked rabbits, according to this new site now is as the name of the above links' Roasted hare no !!!'. In fact, the site is forced to move because of the large number of imitators, who will not will push their primary site to a lower position in the search engines and that number is growing every day. Already more than 1000 sites which did tend to get the first pozytsii again thereby omitting any of our birds do not last. In the new site of the site as promised awaits a new look in more enjoyable eye colors, and better navigation. Also promise to reduce the amount of advertising that now comes out literally from everywhere.

Full time and the final relocation site has not been appointed. But it will happen soon. You can see for yourself that the new site has already started functioning, although there is still much less music than most, but there exist many mp3 tracks are at the main site and no longer appears, for reasons already known to you. The administration hopes that a new domain name will help them reduce chuchut At least competition. Although it is not possible otretsaet that the new domain will be again lowering sustained developers sites. But it will give them a little breathing room so to speak 'Before the battle! ". What can only accept and begin to get used to the new interface, which incidentally, slightly reminiscent of the old and also put up with the innovations that you can appreciate. I hope all the people who had become accustomed to the old site, will be pleased to evaluate the new interface.