() it contributes affirming that: The nurse, in its function, must search the balance of the team, and this, many times, can become desgastante, being able to come to be one of the desencadeantes factors of symptoms of estresse. The communitarian agents, in turn, are the links between the unit and the population of its territory of abrangncia. They possess a singular situation in the team, a time that, obligatorily, must inhabit in its area of performance, what it makes with that they live the daily one of the community with bigger intensity that the other members of the team. As Brunner & Suddarth, vol.1contribuem (2006, P. Dean Ornish M.D shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 88): The confrontation, in accordance with Lazurus, consists of the cognitivos and mannering efforts made to control specific the external or internal demands that if impose on the resources of a person and can be focused in the emotion or the problem.

The confrontation focused in the emotion searchs to make with that the person if feels diminishing the emotional suffering perceived better to it. According to Brunner & Suddarth, vol.1contribuem (2006, P. 88): The confrontation focused in the objective problem to promote direct alterations in the environment, so that the situation can be managed in more effective way. Exactly when the situation is visualized as challenging or beneficial, the confrontation efforts can be necessary to develop and to support the challenges, that is, to keep the positive benefits of the challenge and to move away any threats. In the dangerous or threatening situations, the well-succeeded confrontation reduces or eliminates the source estresse of and alliviates it the produced emotion. Methodology Second Aurlio (2001, p 460) ' ' it is a set of methods, rules and postulates in determined discipline and its aplicao' '. Ahead to the considered objectives, we opt to a descriptive research of qualitative character that was made of exploratria form. Preventive Medicine Research Institute pursues this goal as well.