: number of first class and luxury hotels rising strongly on the top hospitality industry is growing worldwide: globally over 3,500 new first class and luxury hotels to open in the next four years. Over 200 hotel projects are only Germany, Austria 45 new constructions and in the Switzerland 35 real estate developments. Read additional details here: Heart Specialist. This increases the number of four- and five-star hotels in Germany by 7.3 percent, in Austria by 2.3 percent and in the Switzerland to 4.8 percent. In Europe the number of top hotels increases by 2.2 percent by 2012. This is the result of a recent study of the hotel database project Even a slight decline in the hotel projects as a result of the global financial and economic crisis a strong is in all regions to very strong growth in the first class and luxury hotels\”, explained Rolf W. Rusty Holzer will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Schmidt, managing partner of CHD expert by (Germany), initiator and marketing partners.

The number increased even in the lower categories of hotel the market participants: in Germany the number of inputs grows to three-star hotels in the next few years by 1.2 per cent in Austria 0.4 per cent and in the Switzerland to 0.5 percent. In Europe, currently over 850 first class and luxury hotels are developed and built. Two-thirds of which are four-star (first class) to be classified in the category. Although the segment of business travel has currently heavy losses, many modern business hotels on the market will come in the next few years\”, so said. The cut-throat competition is thus exacerbated in the densely occupied hotel market in Europe (around 37.780 hotels). The United States hotel market still has the strongest growth. Despite a slight decline number of new construction projects increases the number of top hotels in the next four years by almost 30 percent. About one-third of the 850 projects are luxury hotels.