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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Aged Patient

The population aging, according to Souza et al. (2007), they cite that it has one esteem that in 2025, the global population will pass of 542 million for about 1,2 billion aged, and in Brazil had an increase of this population of 3 million for 7 million in the years of 1960 to the 1975; 14 million in 2002, esteem itself that in 2020, a total of 32 million aged is reached in the Country. With the increase of the life expectancy and consequently bigger index of aged in the population, associate the important physiological and anatomical alterations, cognition modified and added the multiple patologias, to certainly displays the difficulties it during the boarding in an emergency situation; that displays the risk biggest of breaking of fmur, Sakaki et al. (2004), they cite that the incidence of this type of breaking increases with the age. Therefore the professional of nursing inside of the attendance in the ready aid has important and basic paper if the patient one, mainly because she still does not have in Brazil a relative specialty directed to the attendance of urgency to the aged population, as et cites Fields al. (2007), it must be intent in the fast construction of a hypothesis of work based on the information, accomplishment a detailed physical examination, make use of propedutica resources to give has supported to the life and to stabilize the patient, having as challenge to evaluate this patient correctly, to implement a care for each presented problem, to understand the alterations physiological, that can be confused with pathological alterations, objective to reduce the index of morbidade and mortality, being implemented the treatment in fast and correct way, and to promote a reduction in the time of internment and as well as its complications; to propitiate an attendance in the ready aid in humanizada way being also respected all its limitations that are related directly with the age.


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Triple K For Art In Wettenberg

Hessener artists opening of modern variations of “Variations” is the motto of the exhibition, which can be seen from 30 July in Wettenberg Wissmar. The three artists of Antje and Jasmin Kohl and Darly just invite everyone to their exhibition in the art and culture district Wettenberg KuKuK -. Visitors admire numerous works of three exhibitors and other artists at this time until August 23. As the name suggests, the artists want to present works, as they may not be impressive and diverse. Darly Knapp, which has found its home in performing arts, will reveal their painting as a highlight for the eyes of the guests.

In addition to classical painting, she is also specialist in new methods of the spatula technique and modern and abstract work. Jasmin Kohl is in artistic circles as a great talent in the design of abstract computer graphics and modern photography of plastic work. Their representations are enjoying for years at a popular audience and Connoisseurs and that in the age of the artist by just 23 years. Antje Kohl, mother of the young jasmine, is known as the artist not only for her expressionistic portrayal of animals and landscapes, but also the creator of plastic art of monuments from glass until to sculptures made of wood and soapstone. Just due to the flexibility of their art, Antje Kohl has made a name in the betting culture.

No matter what type of material, whether concrete or abstract motif Mrs. Kohl could discover the artistic soul so far in each subject. The opening Gala of the event starts Thursday, July 30 at 19:30. It will be dam and pianist Ute Mann catered also for musical entertainment by singer Jaqueline. Also visitors can experience a qui-Gong and Tai Chi group. Still, the reading of the young writer is Andreas bode from his work load dawn in paradise on August 9 from 15:30 “represent a special event of the cultural event. The author has a discussion with the audience about his novel apart from the reading planned. The regular opening hours of the ‘Greg’ during the entire opening are each Saturday and Sunday between 15:00 and 18:00.