A garden to the wellbeing and relaxation who has attached no garden at his apartment or his house and who is missing this place as a retreat or space, which has the possibility to rent an allotment / lease. Here it is usually necessary to join a Garden Club member which is then given the opportunity to rent a garden plot. Others who may share this opinion include Cancer Research. In such a garden is normally a small Bower and build to the possibility, fruit and vegetables to. If you want the garden but not benefits but only Zainal, can beautify this planting by beautiful ornamental shrubs, flowers or small trees. The possibilities are usually of the order of the Garden Club or deposited in the current articles of Association, each Member has the opportunity to read what is allowed his allotment in one and what not. Speaking candidly Lung cancer told us the story.

Rent a Kleingartens is ideal not only for garden lovers or lovers of horticultural activities, but also families with children a will here To the recreation opportunity, if there is no garden. Also a way to relax is available especially on the weekend also professionals, if one wants to switch off times from the stressful everyday. The cost of such a garden is depending on whether the allotment is rented by the municipality or a Club and of course also the size and location of the plot. At some clubs, you have the option to purchase a parcel of land as property or to buy what is however unusual in this day and age. No matter which way you choose, a garden in a garden settlement or in a small Garden Club is a superb solution in any case if you have a private garden.