Short-focus lens covers a wide space, and therefore a characteristic of snapshots, taken photos of models such optics – a large number of objects caught in the frame. Items placed in the field view, have a different scale, large depth of field provides a sharpness and focus throughout the space frame. Optics with a wide angle of view the model gives photographers the ability to shoot in the interior where it is extremely hampered – due to limited size of the room. Spatial distortions, which in this inevitable, usually do not cause controversy, and in some cases help to studio photography, creating the illusion of depth in the frame professional photography portfolio. But we must remember that lenses with short focal distance 'break' the vertical lines, if carried out under the photo shoot how – or perspective. Inevitable distortions caused by exaggerated as compared with human vision, transfer perspective. Different distances to the top and bottom of the object is removed in perspective, do not affect the image obtained ordinary optics, but wide-angle lens is building perspective, dramatically emphasizing raznoudalennost details from the photographer portfolios, and consequently changes the usual ratio. It's enough to install the camera so that the optical axis of the lens was perpendicular to the vertical lines and planes, enters the frame.

Sometimes, being carried away by the show intraframe action photographers portfolio forget about this requirement, then the result model photography may be plans with slanting doorways, angled walls and window frames, etc. This usually produces an unpleasant impression. Short-focus optical system is less susceptible elimination of aberration. Due to this 'super wide' lenses at angles change not only vertical but also horizontal components of the image. At a certain artistic conception of the use of such optical properties can yield interesting results emphasize the immensity of the fields, sea landscape, etc. But we must remember that any distortion created by the optics, legitimately only when it creates a certain audience image. Distortion has to be hyperbole, metaphor, symbol – then it will flow seamlessly into the fabric of realistic photos depicting models.

Applied optics for the demonstration of a formal reception distortion of human form is meaningless. Short-focus optics is indispensable for event-reportage, which is in distress, a large gathering of people. Wide angle of view enables the photographer to portfolio to obtain plans of different sizes, being in close proximity to their heroes. But in such cases it must be extremely careful and aware of the visual distortions that are particularly undesirable in photographing people. As with any video camera, a lens with wide viewing angle designed to solve a purely technical tasks. But these tasks photographer portfolio must put ourselves in connection with the creative intent photo shoot with models and actors.