On the other hand, of 2008 the 2010 PGF promoted the filling of a suit of 1.021 actions in favor of the INSS, representing an annual average of 340 the fillings of a suit. With effect, up to 2010 the INSS already filed a suit 1,250 acidentrias third-party claims approximately, generating a compensation expectation that if approaches to the cipher of 200 R$ milhes' ' Noteworthy it is the substance published in the site of the Social welfare, only 30 days after the substance of Maciel (8): ' ' Per the third consecutive year, the National Institute of Seguro Social (INSS), by means of Procuradoria Geral Federal (PFG), carries through in this thursday (28)? National day of Combat to the Industrial accidents? the collective the filling of a suit of sets of ten of acidentrias third-party claims. In the date of today 163 actions in the units of the PGF of all the country will only be protocolled, with expectation of compensation of R$ 38 million. The third-party claims are moved against companies and search to repay public coffers for paid values the insured in reason of accidents occurred for descumprimento to the health norms security of trabalho' '. 7.Gesto of the FAP is not effected because the company got one threshold in the justice releases that it to collect the RAT flexibilizado for the FAP. The threshold to suspend the application of the FAP is a palliative measure, of unexpected results, whose merit will be judged in an indefinite future time, and that it does not hinder that the value tribute has left it the safes of the company. The perspective of the retaken one of the deposited values feeds this practical. See Donald Sussman for more details and insights. It generates a sensation of ' ' conforto' ' , being forgotten the eventual repercussions negative them concessions them acidentrios benefits, and procrastinated measured to reduce the absenteeism removal, what it does not make impracticable a roll of events with possible negative repercussions for the companies, such as: 1.O FAP is fed by the acidentrios benefits (B91 species), which continue to be granted by the expert doctors of the Social welfare.