He lives today without thinking of the future. That idea has always seemed a fatal advice. Because I saw that those who try to apply it is often put on the spot. They are usually surprised by large avalanches of problems that will come up without having time to react. Not that they were unpredictable problems. Is that they try not to think about what might happen tomorrow. (Not to be confused with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.!). Never prepare for the future.

And what about the habit of spending hours and days or a lifetime internally lamenting the past. That is a good way to sabotage its own welfare. They suffer from what can not be helped. Not that it's wrong to suffer. What happens is they should not forever.

Centered behavior in the past has received the advice not ever thinking what has already happened. After all nothing can be done or changed in the past. It is a period that came out of our hands forever. Although the idea that nothing can be done about the past is not entirely accurate. You have at least one opportunity to make and change many things in your past. And I'm serious. The time to change your past is now. And so for the simple reason that only a part of your past is impossible, to change. The rest, possibly the most part, is waiting for you. Yde what I mean? I'm talking about that one day all that remains for the future you will be part of your past. And all that party can do and undo as you wish. Entermed often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But when you can do is always present. Stop worrying and so hopeless. You be long "past" still to go. Change it and build it as you like before you're out of reach. Everything you do with today and tomorrow will be part of your story. Let then be part of your past which do not have to lament. Today is your last chance to build one to suit your desires. Live your present as worth remembering. Do not do anything which then have to repent. Be happy with the good things you already have. Do not give up your need for a better past. But satisfacela changing all the past you like you have still ahead: your future. Today is a part of your past that is about to be inaccessible to you. But you can still change before the end. ySearching you happen to do something to remember later today with the most satisfaction? Adelante, no time to lose! If you suffer from shyness now download the following book.